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Protect and restore your roof with roof cleaning

Why should you get your roof cleaned 
Moss can cause structural damage, crack tiles when freezes, increase weight on a roof & is less thermal efficient. 

to prolong the life of your roof, having a clean roof removing moss, algae and lichen will prevent roof decay which means your roof will protect your home from the elements and less likely needing expensive roof repairs.

roof cleaning gives your house a instant fresh look and improving aesthetics but also adding the protection for your home.

we offer various roof cleaning methods depending on the budget and requirements of the customer.

safely working from a mobile scaffold tower or a mobile access platform we can use low pressure and steam to clean the surface of your roof giving instant results killing off any moss, algae and lichen.

if pressure washing and steam isn't suitable, We could gently scrape the moss off the roof then apply a softwash mix on to your roof via a water fed pole which will clean the roof tiles to new again.

Another option is to scrape the moss away then apply a biocide treatment via water fed pole to kill any remaining biofilm and sterilise the roof.
Over the next 6 to 12 months your roof will self clean & lighten with the weather cycle

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